August, 2016

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Meditation and Yoga for Injuries

If you have an injury you probably want to rest and avoid activities that can slow your healing. This is where meditation comes into play. It requires almost no movement and can bring forth ways to improve your healing. If you have never considered meditation before, this article will show you how you can use it in at least one aspect of your life because, let’s face it, we all will be injured at some point.

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By: Yoga Journal

The best (if dreaded) remedy for battling a yoga injury? Rest. My left arm is in need of a major vacation from Chaturanga, but my mind is highly displeased by the verdict. I decided to appease my cranky brain with a simple visual and mantra-oriented meditation. I created this meditation while sitting outside overlooking a beautiful lake in upstate New York last week. The slow pace combined with the glory of nature reminded me to use them as healing tools in my visualization practice. I’ve been using this simple mediation since to encourage my mind to rest and my body to recharge, so it can come back strong.

A quiet space outdoors in nature would be ideal if available, but even a cracked window or sitting on a balcony should do the trick.

Start by cultivating ujjayi breath.

Keep it simple and soft. Close your eyes and let your internal vision rest between your eyes on your brow. Set the scene for about one minute.

As you inhale, think to yourself: I am strong. As you exhale: I am healing. Continue this mantra for another minute.

Next, as you say to yourself, I am strong, envision an outer casing shattering off your body. This is the residual buildup of opinions, experiences, hurtful words, or anything that may have added to your duress. See it combust into a million pieces and flutter off into the wind.

As you use the statement, I am healing, envision a flowering vine wrapping around the ailment of on your body. This gorgeous plant is drawing up healing energy deep from within it’s roots and transporting it toward you. See the plant blossom as it makes contact with your skin, because you are ripe with healing and fertile with potential.

Continue this combination of mantra and visualization for at least 5 minutes or up to as long as you’d like. Once you’re done with the mantra, sit in silence for a few minutes more.

About Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig is the yoga teacher behind AIM TRUE, a regular writer for Yoga Journal, and a presenter at Yoga Journal LIVE!

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