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Michigan's Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation has retracted its stance on closing all dispensaries by December 15th. Why? In September 2017, House Bill 5014 (2017) was brought into light by representative Yousef Rabhi (53rd district).

This bill allows dispensaries to remain open during the time the Board is taking applications from businesses. Emergency rules were implemented to keep patient's access to medicine safe and available. 

It had to be reviewed and through all of the support from Michigan patients, caregivers, and those who believe in the benefit of cannabis, Michigan is able to keep their dispensaries open without them being penalized while applying for their new licenses. 



U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being sued by multiple medical marijuana patients from all over the U.S. 

The first to sue him was former NFL  Jets player, Marvin Washington. He is one of the five (5) plaintiffs to sue Sessions, the Department of Justice, and the DEA, bringing the issue of illegal cannabis to court. He believes that cannabis should be legal all around to help those who suffer from conditions that he has suffered with. Washington says that cannabis being a Schedule I drug (high abuse rate and no medicinal benefits), is preventing him from opening up a business that would help NFL players and pro-athletes to "use medical marijuana for pain management in lieu of more addictive opioids.”

The second to sue Sessions and the DEA is an 11-year-old girl. Her name is Alex Bortell and she had to flee Texas to come to Colorado to obtain the medicine she truly needs. Similar to NFL player Marvin Washington, Alex  and her family sued Sessions and the DEA of the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug. This classification is restricting her from being able to travel to different states to talk to board members about this issue, and being denied constitutional rights because of her cannabis use. 

Among these two people fighting for their right to use cannabis, a 6-year old with Leigh's disease and a combat veteran diagnosed with PTSD. There are many different types of people who need this plant for their medicine and it is unfair for the US to keep cannabis as a Schedule I drug, above heroin, when there is clearly a medicinal value. 

It is unclear whether these will reach where they need to in order to reclassify Cannabis from Schedule I. 



Can CBD help aid in the therapeutic benefits and treatment of cancer and tumors? There have been multiple stories from patients who have tried CBD in place of chemotherapy or along with their chemo treatment to help reduce nausea and pain associated with it. CBD has many medicinal properties like being ant inflammatory, anti-consultant, anti-emetic (reduces nausea/vomiting), and many more.

Lin Coxon was unfortunate to have been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was getting ready to start her chemotherapy but while waiting, she started doing research on alternative ways to help ease the side effects of chemo. That's where she found cannabis oil. She started experimenting with the cannabis oil and found that it had  helped dramatically with her side effects and have reduced her need to undergo chemotherapy.

She started taking cannabis oil a few weeks before her first chemotherapy appointment only to find out that her daily use of cannabis oil had reduced her breast tumor down to 1/3rd of the size it originally started at and had reduced the size of her swollen lymph nodes from 1 inch to under 1/2 of an inch. Her doctors refused to do a second mammogram on here, and from there she went to a private doctor to have it done, only to reveal the amazing results!

For now she has opted out of chemo and is waiting while she continues to treat herself with cannabis oil as her and her doctors have seen dramatic improvements in the size of the cancer. Her goal is to raise awareness of something that could possibly save the lives of other cancer patients. “I cannot say cannabis oil will work for anyone else but my experience would seem to show it is worth trying. I feel people have nothing to lose especially if they are waiting for chemotherapy,”