Education with the Society of Healing Arts Institute

We Are a Center for Education on Cannabis.

Here at SOHAI we strive to break down the stigma against cannabis. We provide education on cannabis, alternative resources, and rules and regulations for patients and caregivers in Michigan.  

We also host a free once a month cannabis education class with a different topic each month! 

Fall 2017 **Cannabis Classes Postponed** 

Along with educating folks on cannabis, we like to keep patients updated with the most recent MMMP Laws and Regulations.

It can be hard to find this information online so we like to make it easily available for people to read and inform themselves. 

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is known also as marijuana and has dated back to thousands of years. This plant, which is processed and prepared with the intention for a psychoactive drug or medicine, provides a wide variety of relief to conditions like pain, nausea, muscle spasms, seizures, etc. These medicinal benefits and psychoactive effects are derived from the female cannabis plant, not male, and have varying levels of cannabinoids in each strain. 

But, cannabis is not for everone.  Here are some basics:

What is the Experience Like? 

The feelings and effects of marijuana are different for everyone. Things like state of mind, environment, timing, conditions, and strain variety are all factors that play a role in how a person will feel. Although marijuana is safe, not everyone has the reaction they expect so it's best used starting in small amounts.

Over time and increased use, the effects and feelings of cannabis becoming lighter and less prevalent.

Depending on the strain and type of cannabis, users may feel: 

  • Happy, giddy, fits of laughter
  • Increased appetite or decreased appetite
  • Skewed perception of time
  • Body relaxation + reduced muscle spasms
  • Euphoria
  • Forgetfulness
  • Drowsiness or increased energy depending on strain
  • Paranoia/anxiety depending on strain and person