Essential Oils

Essential Oils are powerful, natural remedies that support health and wellness.

Essential Oils


First off, essential oils are the life blood of plants.


The plant is distilled to extract the medicinal value. It takes hundreds of pounds of raw plant material to create a small bottle of essential oil. Thus making it a very potent remedy.

These oils can be used for just about everything: pain, weight loss, sleep problems, stress, spirituality, organ weakness, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, and more. Another great use is as a non-toxic and natural cleaner for your home. For example, most essential oils are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc. making them versatile and safe for the whole family.

We use and recommend Ameo Essential Oils for their purity and quality.

We sell the oils in their original bottles or we can break them down for you to make them more affordable.  You only need a few drops for a recipe?  We're happy to accommodate you.  Custom blends in roller bottles for pain, stress, and mood lifting  available upon request!