Fight for Your Rights!

If you believe in yourself
and your rights, don't give up!

Co-owner of SOHAI Inc., Paul Farage, has had this license plate for years. When he went to renew the plate in March of 2017, the Secretary of State responded with a letter saying

"...the personal plate you requested does not meet our standards of decency...represents...getting High...illegal activities..."

but that didn't stop Paul, he fought back! He sent a detailed letter to the Secretary of State's dispute department, pointing out that, SOHAI is an acronym for

"The Society of Healing Arts Institute"

"...there is nothing wrong with being HIGH!"

"You could be SO HIGH On Life"

it took a while for the SOS to be convinced, but in the end, he was issued the plate and here it is to prove it.

Stand up for your RIGHTs and your BELIEFs. You are not the property of our Government, you are a Member of it.

Keep fighting for your rights and what you believe in, because if it weren't for our strong voices, the world will never change.