is a form of natural health that uses a variety of natural remedies to help restore health to the body. Naturopathy may use nutrition, herbs, bodywork, lifestyle changes, flower essences, essential oils and more to help bring homeostasis to the body so that the body may heal.


A lot of the human's 5 senses have a big impact on how one feels and how their health is doing. Not many realize that Aromatherapy - healing through smell, and Sound-therapy - healing through music can help heal and mend a broken mind, body, or soul. There are an endless list of alternative resources and holistic remedies. 




Our Natural Health Practitioner uses proven, effective methods to help find the root cause of your imbalance and use the body's own healing mechanisms so the body can heal itself. Naturopathy is incredibly empowering and effective for a variety of conditions.

Some of the concerns our Natural Health Practitioner has worked with include: diabetes, autism, weight loss, cysts, female reproductive health, fertility, ED, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and fibromyalgia. This is only the short list! 

We take appointments for Natural Health and Wellness visits.

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